Procurement Supplemental Guidelines

UAF "Procure to Pay" Process

Always pre-plan and coordinate with Procurement as needed.
  1. Create and submit requisition (Requisition Requestor)
  2. Requisition is reviewed/approved  (Approvers within the Workday business process)
  3. Source goods/services (Procurement/Buyer)
  4. System generates purchase order (Procurement/Buyer)
  5. Create a receipt (Requisition Requestor)
  6. Create supplier invoice (Central Finance/Accounts Payable)
  7. Match invoice to purchase order and receipt (Central Finance/Accounts Payable)
  8. Pay supplier (Central Finance/Accounts Payable)
Procurement Supplemental Instructional Guide - 5/22/2023
Procurement Fundamentals/Training Guide - 8/10/2022