Doing Business at the University

What Suppliers/Vendors need to know:

Suppliers/Vendors must complete the VII form and return to Business Services.  The IRS requires the U of A to have a TIN/SSN for all vendors. Vendors will not be created as active until we receive (and verify) this information. A preferred PO distribution type is also required for all vendors. This method should be either by fax or email, so please provide a complete fax number or e-mail address when completing the VII form.

  • Vendor Information - VII Form*, 

    *NOTE:  The link for VII form above MUST be used by the person submitting the form.   Once the link is clicked an original form number is created for the user and cannot be duplicated.  The URL on form can only be used once.  Forwarding of the form itself will create an error. 

  • W-8 Form - needed for Foreign Suppliers/Vendors

Please complete the Vendor Information form (also at: ) and return by fax (479-575-4158) or email to  Updates to information can be submitted on the form.