The University of Arkansas has one centralized vendor database for all transactions (procurement, travel, accounts payable, and federal tax reporting). Business Services  is responsible for maintaining this database.  

Any person or organization wishing to use any marks of the University of Arkansas, either direct or indirect references must become a licensed vendor through IMG College Licensing (IMGCL) in Atlanta, Georgia. They can be contacted at 770.956.0520 and following established guidelines.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please note that requests for change of any vendor information received by phone or by e-mail to an individual employee’s e-mail address will no longer be accepted. Changes made through these channels are prohibited.

If a phone or individual e-mail account request is received, the supplier will be directed to either complete a VII form, or to draft a formal request on company letterhead and submit to

The University Supplier team will be using the email to reach out and contact all suppliers.    The contact being used will be the contact that is on file for the supplier.

Supplier Team consists of Roselea Hernandez and Austin Conley.  All questions should be directed to the email.


Vendor Registration: 

To be a University Vendor, we require: 

  • TIN/SSN.  Vendors will not be created as active until we receive (and verify) this information. 
  • A TIN/SSN is required for the vendor to be loaded to RazorBuy. If we do not have the information, the vendor will NOT be in RazorBuy. 
  • Proposing Vendors without a TIN/SSN will slow the process of creating requisitions and paying invoices in UPS. 
  • A preferred PO distribution type to be provided by fax or email. Accordingly, please provide a complete fax number or email address when proposing/requesting a new vendor. We will need this information before we can issue a Purchase Order. 

Vendor Identification Information Form (VII Form): 

If you need alternative (written) documents or forms, contact Business Services at (479) 575-2551 or

A >VII Form  is required for all active vendors, excluding personal and travel reimbursements, and refund vendors. To ensure Purchase Orders and Remittance payments are handled appropriately, fields (e.g. ACH) have been incorporated into the online form.  In order to register to do business with the University of Arkansas, all new vendors are required to use the online form.  No additional paperwork is required. 

If you need alternatives (written) documents or forms, contact Business Services at (479) 575-2551 or

Tips when completing the VII form:

  • The link for VII Vendor Identification Information Form MUST be used by the person submitting the form.   Once the link is clicked, an original form number is created for the user and cannot be duplicated.  The URL on the form can only be used once.  Forwarding of the form itself will create an error.
  • The link can only be used ONCE.  
  • If starting over, click on the link again.
  • Do not autofill from information saved on your computer. Information must be entered.
  • We recommend completing the form on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • For Foreign Vendors: The University cannot process ACH payments to a foreign bank. DO NOT complete this part of the form. 

If you have any questions on Bidding opportunities please visit the Hogbid  website. 

Current Vendor

All vendors are assigned a system-generated vendor ID number.

If a new address is needed for a RazorBuy vendor complete the Request a Change for a Supplier  form.

Common Vendor

Common vendors identify a legal relationship between two or more vendors (parent/subsidiaries, receiverships, assignments, franchise dealers, etc.). Payment is allowed when the invoice vendor is different from the Purchase Order and a common vendor relationship has been established. The system allows up to three common vendor relationships per vendor.

Vendor Verification

Third-party vendor verification is required on all active vendors, except those identified as employees or refund vendors. An active vendor is defined as a vendor that has had activity in the last 12 months and/or has open purchase orders.

Vendor Information

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Funds

Uniform Commercial Guidance