A supplier is a person or entity who provides goods or services to the institution or general public.  The goods or services provided by a supplier may be needed to support our institutions daily operations and primary objectives but do not typically overlap with duties/responsibilities generally assigned to employees.   

Before submitting requests for suppliers please ask the following questions: 

  1. If a person, will the person be teaching in any capacity ?
  2. If a person, has the person worked as an employee within the last year at UAF?

If either of the these questions result in "Yes" then the person does not qualify as a supplier. 

A request for adding such person to the system should be directed to Human Resources Compensation via Help Ticket.


Suppliers have been harmonized across the U of A system. 

Workday structures suppliers by the 'primary' name, which is the name associated with the TIN and the name that will display on the screen.  For example, if you type in "Chartwells", the name that will display is "Compass Group USA."  Typing in “Chartwells” and receiving this name back ensures that you have the correct supplier.  We understand this is a training issue for our campus users and  hopeful that future releases of Workday will include a modified process.

All supplier requests require approval by the Workday Support Group before they are set to an active status and available for use.

Two Ways to get a New Supplier into Workday:   

1. Use the Workday Business Process of "create a supplier request" action - you will need:

      • A completed W9 form to attach to the request.  (W9 Form)
      • A completed appropriate W8 form for an International Supplier. (W8 Form)

In Workday, you can enter the supplier information and submit.  Request will be routed to the Supplier Partners within Workday.  The user who requested the supplier will  receive a notification when business process  is completed.

2. Have the Supplier complete the Supplier Identification Form and submit. Once filled out, ensure that you select Submit on the last page of form.

How to Provide the Supplier Team information to Update an Existing Supplier:

  • Create a  Supplier Help Portal ticket - Go to  
  • Click on ‘help portal’ link.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of page.
  • Choose Business Services.
  • Scroll down, click Supplier (set up).
  • Provide detailed information.
  • Attach supplier documents for verification of information.

There is no need to create a help ticket UNLESS you wish to update information related to a current Supplier in Workday.  For New Suppliers, please send the proposed Supplier the Supplier Identification Form website link to fill out and submit.

NOTE:  All suppliers are verified via the IRS Verification Tool before they will be entered into the Workday system.  Once entered the supplier has a status of 'inactive' until electronic approval by the Workday Support Team. 

All foreign suppliers require a W8 or comparable form with identifying numbers

All foreign suppliers without a domestic presence will be paid via bank wire, so please ensure that they provide their banking information.  

REMINDER:  All supplier requests require approval by the Workday Support Group before they are set to an active status and available for use.

Supplier Identification Form 

If you need alternative (written) documents or forms, contact Business Services at (479) 575-2551 or

A Supplier Identification Form is required for all active suppliers.  To ensure Purchase Orders and Remittance payments are handled appropriately, fields (e.g. ACH) have been incorporated into the online form.  In order to register to do business with the University of Arkansas, all new suppliers are required to use the online form.

Tips when completing the Supplier Identification Form:

  • The link for the Supplier Identification Form MUST be used by the person submitting the form.   Once the link is clicked, an original form number is created for the user.
  • If starting over, click on the link again.
  • Do not autofill from information saved on your computer. Information must be entered.
  • We recommend completing the form on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • For Foreign Suppliers: Please complete a W8 or comparable form that will be uploaded with the Supplier Identification Form.  The University will process payments via wire for foreign suppliers without domestic presence.  

Trademark Licensing

The University of Arkansas Trademark Licensing program serves to promote, preserve and protect the use of its name(s), verbiage, and identifying trademarks.  The U of A wishes to maintain association of its trademarks with quality products that are competitively priced by appropriately licensed companies.

For specific information and guidance about the U of A licensing program please visit the University of Arkansas Trademark Licensing Office.

If you have any questions on bidding opportunities please visit the Hogbid site.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Funds

Uniform Commercial Guidance