Business Services  is dedicated to providing the campus community, the State of Arkansas, and our vendor partners with the highest level of service.

Our staff supports the full supply chain life cycle of goods and services on our campus. This includes procurement, accounts payable, and asset surplus procedures.

We also support the business travel of our campus with a staff dedicated to processing travel claims as efficiently as possible, and providing tools to make the travel process more productive.

As we start the 2016 academic year at the University of Arkansas, Business Services would like to take a moment to say “Thank You” to administration, faculty, and staff for allowing us to serve you in 2015!   Please enjoy a short PowerPoint presentation that is best viewed in in Microsoft Office 2013 and external content will need to be enabled to experience all functionality and music. Enjoy!

 YEAR END Information

NOTICE:  Important Information on Employee Reimbursements

Proposing Vendors

When proposing a vendor in BASIS, please enter a TIN (Tax Identification Number issued by the IRS) or a SSN (Social Security Number). It is very important to have this information with the new IRS requirements. Proposing vendors without a TIN/SSN will slow down the process of creating requisitions and paying invoices in UPS.

Also, a TIN/SSN is required for the vendor to be loaded to RazorBuy and if we do not have the information, the vendor will NOT be in RazorBuy. If the proposed vendor is for a refund, enter that in the comments field. Please enter a fax number, phone number and a contact name in case we need to contact the vendor for additional information.